Sobras Obliquas

by Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Aristotle considers man a “political animal”. Modern science claims that the planet “earth” is an arena where viruses, bacteria, germs, animals and a huge number of species are  in a constant  metamorphosis. The struggle is uncertain about its outcome, and it is not certain that the human “race” will be the ultimate winner. Thus the COVID-19 epidemic can be analysed as a phase in the overall drama of adaptation and survival. Viruses, sometimes allies and sometimes enemies, affect the chronologically brief presence of Homo Sapiens in this small corner of our galaxy. One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is the confinement and the forced cessation of the flow of normalcy. This situation leads (among many versions and impacts), and in a situation of diagonal contemplation of past events and expectations. The video Sobras Obliquas, which refers to the title of my book of poems in Portuguese, captures the despair of stopping travelling around the world, the identification with the fate of animals, the density of memories with friends from different parts of  our planet and finally the uncertainty of the world -during and after the epidemic- both at the material or biological and cultural level.