ON (e) Distance

by Maria Thrän

ON (e) Distance is my research on the term distance. An attempt at external observation, to construct a spatial relationship, from me as an artist to society during Covid19. In the spring and autumn of 2020 I felt an urgency to go into an open dialogue with my surroundings. I spoke to numerous people over the phone and recorded these conversations. Visually, I went on my observation with an old camcorder. This resulted is a diagnosis of the time, with my discursive view of the now. Its an Online Exhibition to enter on Mozilla Hubs, my utopian digital home. The visitors can enter the room with the Multichannel Installation at any time, meet to follow the conversations and recordings from my time in Berlin and Prague (where I experienced the lockdowns) in groups or alone.

Guidelines for access

Hello and welcome to ON(e) Distance ONLINE.
Please make yourself comfortable, you are now going to the online exhibition. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and put on your headphones and take some time. Eating is also expressly allowed. Take your time to discover my world, while listening to voices.  


PLEASE NOTE: How to set up for the best experience read carefully before you enter the space.
Due to the high rate of visual information, we recommend only joining via desktop or VR glasses/ NO PHONE 
Make sure you have good headphones or a good speaker connected to your computer 
You can watch the show in any popular browser (google, chrome, safari, etc.)

For the best experience, we recommend to download and install the Firefox browser on your PC.
Please close all unnecessary browser tabs, programs, and anything else that can slow down the performance of your computer.
If you use VR glasses, make sure you have a WebVR compatible browser and that your VR glasses are prepared including all updates. Test the Web VR in your browser at least one hour before the show starts.
If you invite someone to watch the show together, we recommend using a beamer, or a large monitor.
With one place in hubs, you are only allowed to choose one character and login in from one device. Any uninvited guests/characters will be kicked out, to make sure we all enjoy the best performance of our machines and servers.
Follow the on-screen instructions in your browser. Make sure you can send and receive audio signals. 

Accept avatar
Enter screen
Mute microphone 
Make sure you understand how to navigate in the environment with move turn and teleport functions. 
You can navigate with W-A-D and E for rotation.
Right-click mouse on the video- it opens up a new tab with the video.
If you like to listen to the interviews without the other noise, you will find them on your right in the menu. There is a sign with 11 elements. Click on them.