by Maria Salouvardou & Gm Touliatou

A body unfolds and displays its parts which, consists of many overlapping bodies and it perpetually does so until a heart is revealed. A heart-bird. A body is dissolving, at different speed values while, it agonizes, it fatally bleeds. Even so, to whom does this body belong and what is happening to it? As it dissolves, what happens in this heart? The body here corresponds to the idea of the Earth that holds the sanctuary for our life in its heart. Abused; we have committed her life, accordingly and inevitably, our own life. Via a metaphor (supported in the project by a fairy tale) her heart needs to be liberated in order to restore balance, which is still a possibility, the bird of our life can be liberated. A referent, yet, parallel issue that concerns us towards the elaboration of the project, is the adverse of the representation of perception, and the simultaneous debility of the reproduction of this perception’s depth. The earth cannot be perceived as the representation of a separated from the observer entity, or as an object that shares dimensions which can be substituted. This dimension is perceived in its absence, in the place of which we reveal a symbol, the heart-bird, a constant reminder of the vital need for awareness and action. Text: Anastasia Mitsopoulou.