by Caterina Antonopoulou

The operation of internet presupposes a material infrastructure which consumes natural resources and harms the environment. Online activity contributes to the increase of CO2 emissions, despite the ecological awareness users may promote through social media platforms. eCO2system is a data-driven installation that reflects on internet materiality and the physical impact of our digital activity. It consists of an aquarium containing a micro-scale ecosystem of fish. Parameters of the ecosystem change dynamically according to real-time data retrieved from Twitter. Tweets that promote climate change awareness deteriorate the conditions of the ecosystem, thus rendering visible the impact of internet materiality. eCO2system is the 3rd installation of the Social Things series, which consists of data-driven objects that dynamically change their appearance or functionality and reflect critically on the impact of technological mediation of online communication. During the covid-19 pandemic a graphical interactive simulation of the installation has been created which further reflects on the exaggerated increase of online activity worldwide during this period.
Link of the installation:
Link of the online simulation: