Daily Diet – 100% Real Mink

by Ata Mojlish

Daily Diet – 100% Real Mink is part of a larger body of work by artist Ata Mojlish titled Daily Diet. The images criticize the power of money and point fingers at the capitalist, consumerist culture of the world. It does so by placing text(s) that are manufactured by profit making businesses on the backdrop of extreme money/power hungry actions both in history and contemporary times. In a form of satire, the mismatch of lucrative advert-like text with distressing visual mocks at the dystopia of the consumerist nature among humans. In this edition of Daily Diet, the focus is on Mink Farming and the trade of Mink products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, mink turned out to be very susceptible to human–mink infection, sparking fears of widespread outbreaks and mutations in the mink farm populations of many countries. In November 2020, Denmark decided to cull all its mink – up to 17 million lives – because of the chance of spreading coronavirus to other humans. While the rest of mink farms in the world containing about 40 million minks, prepare to follow suit, these images are created as a reaction to the horror of mink farming and its relation to humans.