Christmas Souvenirs

by Natalia Ershova

In my project I create the images of those inhabitants and those landscapes which are now typical for large cities and form inside of them a special ecosystem. In the project I reflect on how suitable a city as a territory of residense is a place for people. Into my “Christmas souvenirs” I put those creatures, who really should be there in the conditions of the modern metropolis environment. Those creatures, who children really can see in the streets, not deers and squirrels, who were mostly seen by majority only on TV or in zoo. There are those creatures in my spheres, who should nowadays represent Christmas for a typical big city child. And snowman with Santa Claus as well. Because currently people in many cities, for example in Beijing, move around the city using respirators and sunset is shown on huge plasma screen. It is a trend now in Moscow, when buying an apartment, to hire a special man with Geiger counter to measure radiation background of future home. So, it is possible, that Santa Claus with respirator and snowman with Geiger counter will come to parties of our children or grandchildren.