Am I over-thinking this?

by Lois Notebaart

I experience the world as dynamic, continuously changing. I deconstruct my world and use the pieces to construct new images, stills and video’s.Growing up in a world where reality is a shredded collection of information, art is my way of dealing with it. Being constantly flooded with all the worlds news and stories it is impossible to filter out what’s important and wants “real”. Creating images works for me, every image I make holds a question I can’t answer but as soon as the piece is done I can feel my head making a little more space for news unanswerable questions. Coming from a science oriented family reading and maneuvering in this world comes naturally to me, I would love to be a bridge builder between these worlds. Even if that would only mean getting attention for research and inventions that need more minds talking about it. For example: “Should we upload our brain” “Is it ethical to evolve our body?” “Does the language we speak shape the way we think?” Every piece comes with an elaborate explanation about the origin of the inspiration.